Choose Concrete Surfaces With Superior Durability

Consider a concrete driveway installation in Berkley or Hudson, MA

Tired of driving over bumpy gravel or a cracked and uneven driveway every day? You can call on Stallion Concrete Inc. for a new concrete driveway installation that will give you a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

We can take care of all kinds of concrete flatwork in the Berkley & Hudson, MA area. If you're installing a brand-new driveway, we'll pour the concrete according to your plans. If you need to remove an old driveway, you can count on us for the demolition work and site preparation.

Get a free estimate on a concrete driveway installation when you contact us today.

The surface we can build

With decades of concrete experience, we can build any surface you have in mind. You can work directly with our contractor on a concrete...

  • Sidewalk installation that will make it easy to navigate your property
  • Patio that will give you an outdoor space to entertain friends and family
  • Pool perimeter that will give your property the beautiful style you want


We can handle any type of concrete work with ease. Set up a concrete garage or sidewalk installation when you call 774-294-1731.